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Passenger Car Assortment Board Set

  • Board set includes the most popular shims, cam kits and adjustable strut plates
  • A "must have" for any shop performing 4 wheel alignments on passenger cars
  • Shipped with high-strength polymer
    display board
  • Board includes one each of the following:

    75200, 75400, EZ Shims - a patented full contact, dual angle shim set
    that corrects toe and 75800 camber with one shim. These shims cover
    many rear shimable FWD vehicles on the road today.
    75915 EZ Shim Cutter - A necessary tool for properly cutting EZ
    75970 EZ Shim Caliper Spacer Set - Aligns caliper to rotor after
    installing our EZ Shims on some FWD cars with hub mounted rear
    10408 Hub Replacement Bolt Set - to be used when installing rear
    81250, 81260, 81270, 81280, 81290 EZ Cams XR - Camber kits for
    domestic and imported vehicles with two bolt non-slotted struts. Sizes
    include 12mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm and 17mm. Each kit contains two
    cam bolt assemblies, enough for both sides of the vehicle.
    71720, 71721, 71730 Chrysler and Dodge Mini Van Rear Camber and
    Toe Shims. The shim you need to align this very popular
    71520, 71521, 71530 VW Beetle, Jetta, Golf Rear Camber and Toe
    Shims. Includes our 87530 wrench to make installing these shims
    easy and profitable.
    81340 VW Beetle, Jetta, Golf Front Camber/Caster adjustable upper
    strut plate assembly.
    81310 Ford Focus Rear Camber Kit.
    81320 Ford Focus Front Camber/Caster adjustable upper strut plate.