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Light Truck Sleeve Assortment Board Set

  • Containing the most popular sleeves, this board set gives you excellent application coverage, including the new F150, F250 and F350 trucks while keeping inventory in check
  • Shipped with high-strength polymer display board, hooks and labels
  • Board includes one each of the following:

    23102, 23104, 23106, 23108, 23109, 23112 Change camber & caster on many popular Ford 4WD trucks including older F250, F350 and full sized Broncos. 23132, 23134, 23136, 23138, 23139 Camber/caster sleeves for Ford and Dodge trucks including Ford 4WD F350 Crew Cabs and Dodge 4WD BR2500 and 2WD & 4WD BR3500 Vans. 23182, 23184, 23186, 23188, 23190, 23199 Adjusts camber and caster on Ford 2WD F150, F250 (L/D), F350, Bronco II, Explorer and Ranger, along with Ford 4WD Bronco II, Explorers and Rangers. 23212, 23222, 23224, 23226, 23228, 23229 Our new camber/ caster sleeves for 2005 & Up F250 and F350 4WD Ford Super Duty's. 24120, 24130, 24160, 24180, 7440, 7450 Adjustable truck sleeves add versatility to this set, along with our special wrenches that make installation easier.