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Advanced Adjustment Assistance Machine

  • Alignment Procedures
    Elevated adjustments
    Steering axis inclination
    Rolling or lifted run-out compensation
    Frozen or live readings
    Help menu
    Vehicle adjustment help
    Customer database
    Customer notes and comments
    Before and after adjustment readings
    Procedure warning screens.
  • Set Up
    Mfg. specifications - 30 years
    Multiple languages
    Customer database storage
    Units of measure
    Shop information
  • Optional
    Rack wiring kit
    Wheel grabber kit
    Plastic claw/pin kit
    Sensor calibration fixture
    Stainless steel turntable upgrade (22-00113)
    Extended length cables 20'
    Dual wheel adapter
    Sensor drop-down kit (for large diameter tires)
  • Equipment Specifications
    Power 110vac
    Rim size 10-26"
    Tire diameter 35" max (expandable with kit)
    Wheel base 48" - 210"
    Wireless range 200 feet (2400CCDW)